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" We have been using Unicorn Pay and we can say it without hesitation, that we have had no problems so far with the payment gateway. We receive our payments and sales proceeds regularly."
Rohit Kushwaha---New Delhi

"I applied for payment gateway with Unicorn Pay in April 2013. So far, I have experienced no delays in receiving payments. Sometimes, it gets delayed by one or two weeks, but their customer support is extremely helpful and they resolve the issues quickly." Vijay Negi---West Bengal

Payment gateway for Debt collection

The essential fact remains that the overdue payment can have a serious impact on the business especially if the business is not handled in a proper manner as well as correctly. Because of this, there can be an adverse impact on credit ratings, turnover and cash flow and it can have an impact on the reputation of the business. If such issues arise, there is need of the credit management strategy that has to be very impactful so that there will be a solution in an effective manner. There will be a trust on the reliable third party debt collection agency and this an important business practice if one wants to find a solution of the late payments. The fact remains that debt collection can be a tough problem especially in overseas market and the best thing is to take quick action by the aid of experienced collectors. We at unicorn pay have experience staff that specializes in payment gateway for debt collection.

If the person is running a small business or fortune 500 Company, the online payment management solution helps one settle transactions, collect payment, manage charge back as well as handle refunds in a much impactful manner. One can find some advantages---

  • There is no involvement of hidden cost
  • Multiple payments
  • Easy processing by credit card
  • Secure and easy way to receive and send money
  • Merchant accounting service
  • Handles all back end administrative payment functions

Debt collection software

The fact is that running a debt collection business is not an easy job. It is actually a high risk business and on the way one can find various challenges. There is need of debt collection software and it has to be expensive if one wants performance otherwise the cheap one can create problem for entrepreneur. We at Unicorn pay have a strong reputation when it comes to payment gateway for debt collection.