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" Unicorn pay has emerged as a leading player in the international level when it comes to payment gateway. My association with them over the years does not make me think to go somewhere else because of their effective and timely services in this area. Unicorn is truly trustworthy."
---Sheena BILL ---Philadelphia

"Unicorn pay is truly acclaimed and the other meaning of it is simply trust and trust to the fullest. Since my many years of association with them, not a single mistake I ever experience to make me lose trust with them. They are the best and acclaimed in international markets." Elizabeth Jasmine---Brazil

Online Payment Gateway for Tech Support

Unicornpay is a well known amenity in the market in providing payment gateways for the business your company prefers, with specialization in Online Payment Gateway for Tech Support process. However, we support each and every business in which your company is involved. Your business may be a high risk and high volume or the one for which you have acquired a bad credit from the bank.

We have carved a niche as a noteworthy service provider in giving Online Payment Gateway for Tech Support process. Our policies are very simple and user friendly involves no hidden policies. We know how difficult it is to set a business that is of high risk and high volume. Our company provides all kind of high risk merchant account including Online Payment Gateway for Tech Support process.

Why we:

Our Online Payment Gateway for Tech Support service involves varied silent features that are as follows,

  • All currencies are acceptable.
  • Payment disbursement (3-5 Days).
  • Payout (70-80) %
  • No holdback.
  • 100% Genuine Gateway.
  • No hidden Policies.
  • Quick Integrations (2hrs-5hrs).
  • "Payment Gateway" Supported by First Data &

How to qualify for our Online Payment Gateway for Tech Support:

For qualifying our Online Payment Gateway for Tech Support your company should fulfill following criteria,

  • Your company should be Pvt. Ltd. or have applied for.
  • Your company should have a running website.
  • Your process is not making any scam call (like:-calling from MICROSOFT or DELL or any brand name).
  • Your company must have an inbound number of the country you are dialing to.
  • Your process is taking a satisfaction mail and authorization mail from the customer after sales.
  • After sales service is mandatory whenever required.
  • You should have a company’s current account in any Indian Bank.

For any query please contact us on our phone no.