Payment Gateway For Tech Support With Secure Deal

Online Payment Gateway for Tech Support

There are many corporates businesses who wish to begin secure and good relationship with clients and sponsors via process of protective and fast transactions. When business world make use of portals providing smart online gateway of payment, then the service provider of business get the strong and smart connection with patrons and market.

Online payment gateway is the necessary components for the tech support world to build and make a strong connection with reliable environment and have a bunch to give high safety of cost effectiveness and consumer data. Today, inclusion of digital tech support adept up as a part of the business world and a broad range of modern trade to protect the precious time of customer and high percentage of money. They work with customized and specialized online gateway of payment for Tech support procedure and have accomplished high status of reputation due to its reduced time consuming performance and its trusted service.

Unicorn payment is one of the trusted portals, which provides top quality online transaction for accounts of merchant. Our whole staff knows how tough is to manage the tech support services and to establish a trade for the industry. Our service comes with basic policies without any secret agenda and serves with devotion to the high account of merchant for tech support. Entire our e-processing portal work with very simple and impressive procedure and our professionals knows the whole way to simplify the transaction via gateway of payment. Our service is developed to give uninterrupted and flawless transaction without any unexpected expenses. From an owner of small business to establish a big corporate world, our team inspects each single component of transaction and carries it safely all the time.

We emphasize the simple requirements of your trade and do accordingly in personalized method. We come with peaceful and wonderful attention without messing the each transaction and understand high risk very and each mistake. We are not coordinating with any addition outlay or condition.

Why you Pick Our Service?

Our online payment gateway service includes unique feature in customize manner that are designed with simple procedure that are as follows –

All currencies are acceptable.
Payment disbursement strong (3-5 Days).
Payout (70-80) %.
No holdback
100% Genuine Gateway.
No Quick Integrations (2hrs-5hrs).
"Payment Gateway" Supported by First Data &

Easy Procedure to Qualify Our Online Payment Gateway for Tech Support

To qualify our Online Payment Gateway for Tech support, your company needs to fulfill following process—

Your company should be Pvt. Ltd. or have applied for.
Your company should have a running website. .
Your process is not making any scam call (like:-calling from MICROSOFT or DELL or any brand name).
Your company must have an inbound number of the country you are dialing to.
Your process is taking a satisfaction mail and authorization mail from the customer after sales.
After sales service is mandatory whenever required
You should have a company’s current account in any Indian Bank.

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