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" Unicorn pay has emerged as a leading player in the international level when it comes to payment gateway. My association with them over the years does not make me think to go somewhere else because of their effective and timely services in this area. Unicorn is truly trustworthy."
---Sheena BILL ---Philadelphia

"Unicorn pay is truly acclaimed and the other meaning of it is simply trust and trust to the fullest. Since my many years of association with them, not a single mistake I ever experience to make me lose trust with them. They are the best and acclaimed in international markets." Elizabeth Jasmine---Brazil

Merchant solutions

Merchant account payment gateway

The company is meant to excel and if the person owns the company, he will definitely see that the business is going on the path of excellence. There is actually no need to worry because you are on the right path as far as the information as well as the support is concerned. We will help you by providing the merchant account payment gateway for any sort of business your company wants to excel in.

Payment gateway for various types of businesses

We have a successful track record in providing payment gateway for various types of businesses that even include high risk and bad credit merchant accounts. Unicorn has strong reputation in providing support apart from merchant account payment gateway in order to make your business excel. Some of the businesses we support are tech support, e-commerce, online dating, beauty and health, adult entertainment, multi-grade marketing, adult entertainment, travelling, cigarette/tobacco, pharmaceutical and much more.

Prime features of merchant account payment gateway

We have proved with the passage of time our efficiency and we have a strong reputation in the market because we provide unique features when it comes to merchant account payment gateway. Because of the fulfillments they offer, they have high appreciation. Some prime features are payment via visa, master, Amex, maestro, deluxe; acceptability of all currencies, payment disbursement [3-5 days], payout [70-80 percent], no holdback, cent percent authentic gateway, no secret policies, quick integrations[ 2-5 hours], our gateway do carry support from and first data.

Prime necessities for merchant account payment gateway

Every company has own conditions when it comes to providing the payment gateway. These also include the secret policies that will have an impact in the long run. We do provide payment gateway with a minimum as well as hassle free work. But we do need the prime documents.

  • Company pan card
  • Owner pan card
  • Blank Check signed
  • Rent agreement/address proof
  • Partner’s deed /MOU
  • Bank statement of last 3 months