E-check processing for Pharmacy

E-check processing for Pharmacy in USA

E-Check has become a best alternative mode of payment processing for Pharmacy business in USA. The demand of E-Check processing is rising due to risk related with forbidden substances and high chargebacks rates in the Pharmaceuticals industry. And owing to this jeopardy most of the banks in USA reckoned pharmacies as a high risk business and avoid offering merchant solution accounts making difficult for them to do businesses in pharma industry.

Benefits of E-Check Processing for Pharmacy Business

E-check is like boon for Pharmacy business owners by providing multiple benefits over credit card payment processing. Through E-Check, chargebacks claimed by customers are very difficult, as they have to physically present to their bank and sign a form to process the chargeback. Payout for pharmacy through other modes of payment is higher compare to E-Check. Each transaction done through E-Check is more secure than other modes of payments.

Why Unicornpay for E-check Processing for Pharmacy in USA?

Unicornpay is a well-organized and professionally managed complete online payment gateway solution for high risk merchants. Perceiving the closing of doors for online payment solution for high risk pharmacy business owners, Unicornpay come with E-Check payment processing that is more suitable for pharmacy merchants with low cost transaction in multiple currencies.

Our Features to Provide E-Check Processing for Pharmacy:

International Payment Gateway (E-Check).
Support U.S. and Canadian Currency.
Processing Fee: 20%.
Rolling Reserve: No reserve
Wire Fee : 40$
Return fee : 7$
Real-time Validation Service.
Transaction and Capture fee: 1$
Refund Fee: NIL
Charge Back Fee: NIL
Payout weekly
Return Ration: 30%
Real-time Reporting.
Comprehensive Transaction History.

We provide E-check processing for Pharmacy in USA for all merchants as per their needs. Our first priority is to make sure that every pharmacy merchant account through E-Check processing should be fast and error-free with back-to-back online customer support for any issues. Our terms and conditions are very simple and acceptable. Our charges are lowest in the industry and we help to provide a highly integrated online platform with risk-free transactions.

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