The Best Ways to Accept Payments Online

By | August 23, 2016

Selling goods or services online is the new trend among the business owners. Actually due to lack of time and availability of feasible resources like accessibility on multiple gadgets with hassle-free online payment system, the tendency is raising towards online system.

If you are running a business and trading through online system, you need to integrate your website with best payment processing system to accept money in various currencies. There are many ways to accept money online but we brought here the top best ways to accept payment online that will help you to grow your business with positive results.

Internet Banking

It is one of the most secured and most widely used online payment system allows customers to use their net banking details and pay directly to the merchants with safety. Nowadays almost all the banks provide internet banking system for its customers. At the time of payments, users just need to login through his online banking account to pay from his bank account.

Credit Cards

It is type of credit facility provided by the bank to its customers to pay money from his account and refund the same after 30-45 days with or without any charges. Paying through credit cards is also one of the easiest and safest modes of accepting money online. Though, for high risk merchants like payment gateway for tech support , there are huge chances of chargeback.

Third-party or Wallets

Accepting payment through third-party like wallet payments is the new trend among the online payment system. There are many leading tech giants offering wallet payment system to accept money paid by retail customers. Wallet payment is also a feasible solution but merchants can find limited options due to low esteem among the users.

ACH Payment or E-Check Processing

Automated Clearing House (ACH), which is also known as E-Check payment service is another format of online payment system. E-Check allows you to accept payments against buying any product or services by debiting the money from the buyer’s bank account. E-Check processing for tech support allows customers to complete the formalities of filling a check online that will be cleared by the National Automated Clearing House Association for safe transaction. ACH is faster and secured than using checks and best suitable for high risk merchants.

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