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Charges Related to a Payment Gateway

Payment gateway creates the required and crucial connection amid the merchant, its customer, the customer’s online payment tool provider (credit/debit card or any other online payment mode) as well as the merchant’s bank account. The payment gateway enables the online transaction done by the client, collects the money from bank of the client or from some other entities… Read More »

How to Find the Best Payment Gateway for Your E-Commerce Business

For e-commerce merchants having a competent payment gateway is something that’s inevitable for building a profitable business.  Among other sources of payment collection methods like post-dated checks may also be included, which often become a lengthy, tiring and an inefficient process.  Today, the tech-savvy customers and businesses require cashless transactions, which are quick, easy and efficient. Thus, the… Read More »

Add merchant account-Easy and profitable

There are certain e-business people in this world who consider the navigation process of adding credit cards quite tough. But in reality, the learning curve is short because now the process is simplified and there are enormous benefits available in present times. Many e-business people should know one important thing that after the approval from the merchant accounts… Read More »