Online Payment Gateway Transaction Working

By | July 8, 2015

With the help of the payment gateway, the merchant is able to accept payment for service or merchandize that these guys sell from the credit cards. With the help of the payment gateway for tech support or any other business, the information that is available on the credit card of the customer is transferred to the issuing financial institution. Generally, one can see the payment gateway established at the checkout point of merchant store. The people who are associated with the mobile services will have the payment gateways established in their smart phones. One can see the different versions of payment processors and these are available online. By this, the customer can buy the merchandize from the internet sellers. When the customer finds something on the internet that he wants to purchase, he can go to the order button. He can go to the place where it is written “SUBMIT ORDER”. Note, that the web browser can do the data encryption of the particular data that is being transmitted. When the merchant receives information, the information will be forwarded on their gateway. The information will be further encrypted when it is transmitted from merchant to gateway. The gateway will take the information and send it to the payment processor of the particular financial institution that is responsible for issuing the credit line of the card holder. The bank issuing the credit card will make the fraud checks in order to make it certain that transaction is done by a person who is authorized to charge on account. Once they make it out that card is transacted by legitimate card user, the bank checks balance. It checks the credit available in credit card for purchase.

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