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Why Should You Choose Unicorn Payment Gateway

To ensure success in your online business having an international payment gateway is highly essential. If you are looking for payment gateway for international transaction, then using Unicorn payment gateway can help you build a lucrative business. Here are some of its features, which make it an ideal choice for your business:

Fraud Protection

 Unicorn Payment Gateway has an extensive fraud mechanism in place. It offers complete protection from any kind of unauthorized transaction. This feature restores the faith of customers and users on your website and gets you more traffic. Not just that! It also saves a lot of your money.

Multi-Currency Payment Processing

A good Payment Gateway for International Transaction should have multi-currency support for efficient payment collection and it is exactly what Unicorn Pay offers its customers.  The international appeal is good for global business transactions, which we offer at reduced rates.

Ease of Access and Use:

To register with Unicorn Pay very few requirements are there. The graphical front-end interface is user-experience based thus offering utmost ease of access. It can even be handled by amateurs quite easily.

Payment Gateway for High risk Businesses

Unicorn Pay specializes in building payment gateway for high risk business also.  Our expertise lies in building the gateway and managing the services efficiently in long run.

payment gateway for high risk business

Comparatively Better Transaction Rates

Unicorn Pay offers good rate at which it charges the merchants for per transaction. Therefore, it ensures that your business doesn’t have to give away major part of its profit. New businesses find our rates attractive and it does not have adverse impacts on their return figures as well.

Personal Data Security

Unicorn Pay provides assurances of security of customers’ personal information. This feature described is one of the contemporary data encryption procedures used by Unicorn to guarantee data security.

24/7 Customer Service

Our belief being in high quality customer service, we ensure complete customer satisfaction. Our team of skilled and experienced professionals is always at your service for any query, issue or assistance that you may require.

Get the best service for a payment gateway for international transaction with Unicorn Pay and leave the payment processing worries to us. We have the required expertise and experience to provide businesses high –end services.

How to Find the Best Payment Gateway for Your E-Commerce Business

For e-commerce merchants having a competent payment gateway is something that’s inevitable for building a profitable business.  Among other sources of payment collection methods like post-dated checks may also be included, which often become a lengthy, tiring and an inefficient process.  Today, the tech-savvy customers and businesses require cashless transactions, which are quick, easy and efficient. Thus, the need of a seamless payment gateway for an e-commerce business is not debatable.  Not having a good integrated payment gateway can divert the customer traffic to your competitor’s business. Therefore, here is how you can choose the best payment gateway for your business:

Analyze Your Needs and Pick Accordingly

The basic thing while picking up a payment gateway for high risk business or any other one is to ensure that it satisfies all your payment processing needs. While some gateways charge a fixed monthly fee while the others charge on per transaction basis, therefore choose the one which is more profitable for you in terms of the revenue.  Also, if you sell internationally as well your payment gateway must have payment collection facility from International credit and debit cards, along with other modes of payment chosen by the customers. The best way out would be to choose a payment gateway for high risk business or otherwise by opting for one which offers multiple payment collection options.

Best Payment Gateway

Undertake Research

Make sure to undertake complete research about the different types of benefits offered by various payment gateways for high risk business. After extensive research and careful observation, pick the one which offers you the maximum benefits. Many such payment gateway providers tend to have hidden charges and other loop holes that can be tricky to find so be sure to do a thorough research about the same.

Payment Security and Customer-Friendly


The payment gateway that you opt for should have comprehensive payment security and it should have customer friendly features. The gateway should comply with the set PCI: SSI standards and offer the customers data security too.